SEALAND SHIPPING is inventive and new age international overseas logistic service provider. Air freight forwarding, Ocean freight forwarding, Customs Broking, Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution – We handle every aspect of Supply Chain Management, by that we mean that we are 3PL company. SEALAND SHIPPING have good network into USA to handle your valuable shipments. We have, a team of professionals who are qualified and equipped to deliver specialized services that are based on customer’s varied requirements. Our priority is our customers in being more competitive in their respective market and to provide customized solutions to assist. Our solutions are specifically designed for the challenges and opportunities unique to each client.

Core Values:

  • Fun: Work hard. Play hard.
  • Esteem: For self and others
  • Focus on Customer: To Treat all our customers as if they were the only customer.
  • Uprightness: Adhere to moral and ethical principles; Conduct all business with unquestionable integrity.
  • Unity: Place to work with team spirit. Internal politics free and open platform to work.


Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs:  “The future can be better than the present And I have the power to make it so.” Our purpose is to be dedicated to be committed to our customer’s absolute satisfaction and provide flexible logistics solutions. Basic proposition of our business is solid, simple and timeless. We provide cost beneficial solutions and services tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing requirements of International Trade. We strive to deliver value to our customers, rewarding place to work for our employees and fair profit to the company.

Business Morality:

SEALAND SHIPPING and its worldwide network of partners, agents, contractors, customers and suppliers, is a contrasting group of allies with differences only in race, religion, culture, and language. We are aware of the importance of following and safeguarding our code of ethics and business conduct, which include:

  • Fair business employment practices
  • Fair compensation policies
  • Employee’s and our facility’s Health, safety and security
  • policies for Non-discrimination

SEALAND SHIPPING supports these norms in our respect for, and compliance with, local laws, regulations and customs in all locations for our business.


Setting the right price means finding the right solutions… Flexibility means analyzing the demands of the client and finding the best logistic resources to suit his comfort. Our vision is to be the only choice to our customers, requiring value added logistic services.


“Growth is not our Destiny, because it’s our Desire” We lay the foundation of our company on values like sincerity, transparency, reliability and integrity. We proactively develop and maintain the latest industry standards, due to the ever changing market needs. Along with cost efficient solutions we lay a great deal of emphasis on the timeliness of deliveries, thus fulfilling the expectations of our customers. Providing outstanding quality and innovative solutions is the prime concern at SEALAND SHIPPING.

Business Practices and Business Relationships:

Our mind is free from all ideologies, persons, limitations and situations then only there is absolute freedom. SEALAND SHIPPING is committed to providing world-class services for its customers. We believe that fair and trusting relationships with customers, suppliers and partners are essential to deliver supply chain excellence. SEALAND SHIPPING is confident that its customers, suppliers and partners strive to operate in an environment that is free from the influence of unethical business practices. Therefore respective guiding principles are communicated throughout our organisation, providing key reference. SEALAND SHIPPING personnel are requested to adhere to those principles, conduct business and cooperate with customers and business partners in a manner that would not, in any way, compromise those principles. Avoidance of unethical or compromising practice in relationships, actions and communications is of the utmost importance.

Our Guiding Ethical Principles:

  • Avoidance of unethical or compromising practice in relationships, actions and communications.
  • Shipments of live stocks or non vegetarian food items will be NOT handled.
  • Any cargo which contains any type of explosive or can be use for anti national activities will NOT be handled.




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